About the exhibition

In recent years, IoT technology has become the most popular topic around the industry worldwide. According to the statistics by Venture Scanner, globally there’re more than 1800 IoT related companies and the financing amount reached 32 Billion US$ in the first half of 2017. IBM pointed out in 2017 IoT Trend Report that widely use of lower-cost sensors and chips and the edge devices with stronger analyzing ability is one of the most critical factors accelerating the commercialization of IoT applications. All intelligent platforms will depend on sensors to connect and store data. Sensor will become one of the most basic and decisive core technologies in the future. 

In spite of the prospective market, the government promotes the development for sensor and IoT industry with favorable policies as well.  In both the 13th Five-year Plan of National Strategic New Emerging Industry Development released by General Office of the State Council of PRC, and in the 13th Five Year Plan of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation released by Shanghai Municipality, comprehensive development of advanced sensor and IoT has been placed in the top strategic level. 

SENSOR CHINA Expo & Conference 2017 (Abbr. SENSOR CHINA 2017) has been organized by China Sensors & IoT Industry Association, and Shanghai Technology Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd., supported by Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institution.

SENSOR CHINA 2017, as Asia’s Leading Show on Sensor Technology & Application and Sensor driven IoT Solution, invites about 250 top enterprises and organizations across the sensor and IoT industry chain worldwide. With more than 1500 representatives coming from13 conferences, SENSOR CHINA 2017 provides a professional communication platform for the industry and makes contribution to the building of the sensor industry ecosystem.

SENSOR CHINA 2018 wil be held from September 10th till September 12th at Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing.